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Maersk Office. We accidentally got in to their office area when we were looking for the little mermaid statue. The next day we are able to see their building clearly in the canal tour.

Maersk has been the largest container ship operator and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996

Anonymous asked: Went trough the "Denmark" tag an saw your pictures - and almost choked because I noticed that the pictures are taken just around the corner from where I live lol

Yay! Are you a dane? living in copenhagen or morbaerhaven? LoL im living here just for a bout a month. It’s a great place and beautiful country of yours. Hi and thanks for taking time to drop a message!

Path to Vestskoven

A little christmas shop at Strøget

Going to the little mermaid statue was AN EFFORT. Guided only by mobile GPS, long walks, stranded inside Maersk office area, it was pitch black and no one around LoL it was an interesting plus scary experience.

Our first attempt to go to MarmorKirken and Amelienborg. Kinda fail because even though the photos make you think it’s quite bright, dont let the time stamps fool you. It was close to pitch black XD. We went back to Marmorkirken the next day

Streets of Copenhagen. Trying to get to Marmorkirken and Amelienborg before it gets darker.

We got to try the “fancy” public toilet too LoL

Just one of the beautiful corner of Strøget. Where dozens of tiny restaurants located all around it.

Random things. All the way from Morbærhaven to Strøget

The harbour right next Scala Bio theatre. Nykøbing Falster itself is a city right next to a big harbour.

The theatre was quite small, because the city itself is not as crowded as Jakarta would be. Jamm-packed by 6 PM. Liking the self service snacks for watching movies.

"The Burger" restaurant in the corner of Nykoebing Falster. Great place for lunch! Simple and cozy.